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Welcome to C2M
What is Connect2Me
Connect2Me is an anonymous SMS chat system that you can use to meet interesting people and chat to whenever you want and from where-ever you are. You will receive matched introductions to chat to other like-minded chatters and may choose to either flirt or discuss topics of shared interest while remaining totally anonymous.
Benefits for Connect2Me members
In addition to the unique benefits of SMS chatting mentioned above, a number of additional value propositions are available to Connect2Me members.

Competition opportunities
Numerous prizes will be given away to Connect2Me chatters. It is envisaged that a new motor vehicle will be given away every 6 months. For example, prizes for the best opening lines as well as correctly guessing mystery guests on radio programs will be made available. Prize give-aways via printed media, radio or movie channels are also envisaged.


bullet Discount voucher opportunities
A member can earn discount vouchers for leading fashion labels such as Soviet by simply just answering 2 or 3 questions via SMS and receiving the relevant discount voucher via his/her cellular phone.


bullet Free product offerings
Members can select to be invited to Connect2Me SMS flirt nights at well-known coffee shops and restaurants, where they may qualify for free drinks. In addition, users may also be invited for pre-screening of movies, where they will be requested to answer a few questions relating to trailers of new movies, or provide feedback as input to certain marketing campaigns in return for free movie credits or invitations to future pre-screenings.


bullet Invitation to parties sponsored by media channels or product sponsors
Members may also be invited to sponsored parties or events. This will enable sponsors to communicate directly with the attendees while providing a status value to the subscriber, who may again qualify for free product offerings.

How do you get a list of the chatnames of the people you can chat to?

After you have registered, you can use 3 different commands to get lists of chatters:




List <keywords>

This command provides you with a list of people with similar keywords

 List travel



This command provides a number of names of people from the opposite sex that is of the same age, culture and location.



Find <gender age culture location>

Use this command to describe in detail the age/sex/culture/location of people you want to chat to.

 Find f 25

 Find m 30

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